• Humanoids



Adds interactive NPCs which can be modded by other plugins.


This is currently an experimental plugin with a lot of work in progress.  Download coming soon!

Requires RoadFinder (Remod)
Uses Kits (uMod)

The overall goal is to provide a general purpose NPC plugin with perhaps more features than previous plugins.  Facepunch has added so many new NPCs over the last few years, but there are still a few gaps to be filled.

Includes an integrated GUI for NPC management (no 3rd-party plugin required):

NPC Edit

This includes submenus for kit selection:

and locomotion type:

Note that with regard to locomotion, if attacked, the NPC will switch its locomotion to Defend and then ultimately revert to its original setting.

NPCs can currently:

  • Work with most plugins that use NPCs such as GUIShop, Quests, and ServerRewards.

    They can also...
  • Defend and return fire when attacked
  • Walk up and down a chosen road
  • Sit and stand
  • Stop and wave

Work in Progress

  • Following (when attacked, etc.)
  • General roaming around the map whether to antagonize, help, hunt, etc.
  • Gathering and looting
  • Following multiple roads from one monument to another, etc.
  • Riding horses
  • Hostility against players
  • Hostility against animals
  • Monument groups


  • Driving ?
  • Flying ?


  • /noid -- This is the primary command for all configuration of Humanoids.
    • - gui -- This is the recommended command, i.e. /noid gui
    • - list -- List the current humanoids
    • - show -- Draws the current location of all humanoids for 30 seconds
    • - new -- Spawn a new humanoid
    • - edit {ID} -- Edit the humanoid you are looking at or optionally by passing the ID
    • - delete {ID} -- Delete the humanoid you are looking at or optionally by passing the ID
    • ... Many other options, most of which are best utilized via the GUI


There are no configurable permissions at this time.  All configuration requires admin level access on your server.


  "Options": {
    "Default Name": "Noid",
    "Default Health": 50.0,
    "Default Respawn Timer": 30.0,
    "Move NPCs to 0,0,0 on server wipe": false,
    "debug": true
  "Version": {
    "Major": 1,
    "Minor": 2,
    "Patch": 0


private bool IsHumanoid(BasePlayer player)

private ulong SpawnHumanoid(Vector3 position, Quaternion currentRot, string name = "noid", bool ephemeral = false, ulong clone = 0)

private string GetHumanoidName(ulong npcid)

private bool RemoveHumanoidById(ulong npcid)

private bool RemoveHumanoidByName(string name)

private void SetHumanoidInfo(ulong npcid, string toset, string data, string rot = null)

private void GiveHumanoid(ulong npcid, string itemname, string loc = "wear", ulong skinid = 0, int count = 1)

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