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Uses ChatGPT to get short answers to basic questions

Chat bot for Rust using ChatGPT to get short answers to basic questions.

This is a proof of concept, and it's free. However, the request made to the API will incur a cost assuming it is not still in beta and depending on what arrangement you make with

Much of the information used to construct it was borrowed from:

You must disable the oxide sandbox - see

You may also need to adjust/remove UFilter, BetterChat, et al. ymmv.


  "Options": {
    "apiKey": "",
    "model": "text-ada-001",
    "keyWord": "bot?",
    "requirePermission": false,
    "ChatIcon": "76561199467638159"
  "debug": true,
  "Version": {
    "Major": 1,
    "Minor": 0,
    "Patch": 5

You will need to create an API key at perhaps

Save the key somewhere safe and add it to the config above at "apiKey": "HERE"

The cost of the requests depends on the model used. We default to the cheapest:

  • text-davinci-003 (expensive)
  • text-curie-001 (less expensive)
  • text-babbage-001 (less so)
  • text-ada-001 (cheapest, default)

See for more information on these models. See for pricing per request...

The keyWord can be changed, but will only be checked at the start of a chat message, e.g. "bot? hello?" not "was that a bot?"


  • chatbot.use -- if the configuration item requirePermission is set to true, players will need to have this permission in order to query the bot.


The player will need to have the 'chatbot.use' permission (if required).

Beyond that, usage is simply to type something like the following in chat. Note: DO NOT USE SLASH '/'

  • bot? What is the game Rust?

Responses will be delivered to ALL players if in Global chat, and Team members if in Team chat.

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