• Amphicar



Turns any modular car into an Amphicar that can go sailing across the water


It's a car, it's a boat? It's an escape plan...

This enables the Rust modular car to go sailing across open water like nobody's business. The driver uses the WASD (and SHIFT) keys to move the car, which should remain very close to the water surface the entire time.

  • There must be a driver in order to keep the car going, and the car must be in good condition with fuel, etc.
  • If the driver leaves or dies, etc., the passengers will receive a message that the car will sink if no driver is found. This time is set in the config - see below.
  • The car will receive normal damage from attack, however the damage from the actual trip is potentially a lot less than over land.
  • There are ownership checks in place to prevent taking over another player's car if ownership is set by another plugin - we do not set or manage ownership at this point.
  • Players are limited by standard or VIP amounts per plugin load.
  • Amphicars become normal cars on plugin reload and all player limits are reset


  • amphicar.use - Required for the /ampon and /ampoff commands (if require permission is enabled)
  • - Adds the ability to add Amphicar to more vehicles - see config limits below


  • /ampon - Walk up to a car and type this command to enable Amphicar for that car.
  • /ampoff - Walk up to a car and type this command to disable Amphicar for that car.


  "All spawned cars will spawn as Amphicars": false,
  "Require permission to use Amphicar": false,
  "Amphicar will sink without driver": false,
  "Amphicar per player limit": 2,
  "Amphicar per player limit - VIP": 5,
  "Amphicar sink wait time": 30.0,
  "Amphicar will sink if engine stops for any reason": false,
  "Amphicar will spawn pontoons when sailing": true,
  "Amphicar will spawn pontoons after this delay time": 5.0,
  "debug": true,
  "Version": {
    "Major": 1,
    "Minor": 0,
    "Patch": 8

If "All spawned cars...." is true, all spawned cars will have Amphicar enabled by default, including those spawned in the wild. Note that this gets cleared on plugin reload.

If require permission is set, players will require the amphicar.use permission to use the /ampon and /ampoff commands.

If require permission is NOT set, player limits and VIP will not work.

If "Amphicar will sink..." is true, a car out on the water will revert to its normal state and sink almost immediately after the "...sink wait time" config. Fortunately, if the driver is able to remount in the driver's seat, the car should pop back to the surface.

However, if the car dies for another reason such as fuel or damaged engine parts, you will have to repair it underwater to get it back up.

Current version 1.0.9

Version 1.0.8: Added optional pontoons which spawn when the car is above water for a few seconds - see config


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