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Flying Carpet for Rust


Flying Carpet for Rust is an Oxide plugin which allows an enabled user to spawn and ride their own flying machine. The carpet consists of a floor rug, chair, code lock, and lantern. The lantern is used to take off and land.

There are two modes of operation depending on the permission granted to the user. The default mode requires low-grade fuel in the lantern in order to fly. The unlimited mode does not require fuel.

For the default mode, the user will receive notification via chat message as well as an audible water pump sound when fuel is low (1 low grade fuel). Each unit of low grade fuel gives you 10 minutes of flying time, which is the same rate of usage as the standard lantern. When you run out of fuel, the carpet will land itself immediately.


NEW For 1.1.8: After mounting your carpet, press the RELOAD key to bring up a menu of monuments.  Click one of those buttons to autopilot to it.  If you want to stop traveling there, press RELOAD again and select Cancel.  Also, movement should be much smoother (Thanks, Raul.)


  • flyingcarpet.use -- Allows player to spawn and fly a carpet using low grade fuel
  • flyingcarpet.unlimited -- Removes the fuel requirement

It is suggested that you create groups for each mode:

  • add fc
  • add fcunlimited

Then, add the associated permissions to each group:

  • oxide.grant group fc flyingcarpet.use
  • oxide.grant group fcunlimited flyingcarpet.unlimited

Finally, add users to each group as desired:

  • oxide.usergroup add rfc1920 fc

Of course, you could grant, for example, unlimited use to all players:

  • oxide.grant group default fc.unlimited

Chat Commands

  • /fc -- Spawn a flying carpet
  • /fcd -- Despawn a flying carpet (must be within 10 meters of the carpet)
  • /fcc -- List the current number of carpets (Only useful if limit set higher than 1 per user)
  • /fchelp -- List the available commands (above)


Configuration is done via the FlyingCarpet.json file under the oxide/config directory. Following is the default:

  "AllowLantern": false,
  "AllowRepaint": true,
  "UseMaxCarpetChecks": true,
  "DoubleFuel": false,
  "NameOnSign": true,
  "PlayEmptySound": false,
  "RequireFuel": true,
  "MaxCarpets": 1,
  "VIPMaxCarpets": 2,
  "MinDistance": 10.0,
  "MinAltitude": 5.0,
  "NormalSpeed": 12.0,
  "SprintSpeed": 25.0,
  "ChairSkinID": 943293895,
  "RugSkinID": 871503616,
  "Version": {
    "Major": 1,
    "Minor": 1,
    "Patch": 7

Note that that owner/admin can customize the skins for both the chair and the rug, set global fuel requirements and flying speed, and limit the number of carpets for each player (highly recommended).

You could set "RequireFuel" to false, but it is recommended that you leave this setting true and use the flyingcarpet.unlimited permission instead if you want to remove the fuel requirement.

Flight School

  1. Type /fc to spawn a carpet.
  2. Jump on the carpet and set a code on the lock. Unlock after setting the code.
  3. Add low-grade fuel to the lantern (if running in default mode).
  4. Sit in the chair.
  5. Aim at the lantern and press 'E' to take off!
  6. From here on use, WASD, Shift (sprint), spacebar (up), and Ctrl (down) to fly.
  7. When ready to land, point at the lantern and press E again.
  8. Once on the ground, use the spacebar to dismount.
  9. Lock the carpet using the code lock to prevent others from using it.
  10. Use /fcd while standing next to the carpet to destroy it.

Known Issues

  1. Lantern can be started or stopped by another player, which can cause the lantern cycle to be out of sync (off while flying). should be fixed in 1.1.5
  2. Invisible carpet for the last year or two.  Thanks, FP.
1.2.3 (Latest): Real update from 1.2.2 release to add the new invisible chair and box and potential fixes for invisible carpets. Download
1.2.2: Another attempt to fix invisible carpets. May work unless you tp and come back to it. Replaced chair with invisible mount point and small storage box. The box locks and unlocks with the carpet. Change default to skins that may work more consistently. Added BlockInTunnel config option. Download
1.2.1: Added option BlockInTunnel, which is a height check Download
1.2.0: Add more detection layers for collision avoidance. Fix monument listing for new Hapis Download
1.1.9: Fix monument size Download
1.1.8: Add ability to work with different SignArtist functions. Download
1.1.7: Bump rotation speed. Add basic limits to entering and exiting buildings and monuments. Download
1.1.6: Add faster drop with a speed cushion at the bottom. Add shift to rotation speed. Download
1.1.5: Revert to original chair with some tweaks to try to avoid the invisible carpet. Added 2 new configs, allow repainting of sign and allow lantern use when not seated. Also added missing notes about config for low fuel sound. Download
1.1.4: version bump for OnPlayerDie Fix Download
1.1.3: Incorporate movement changes now used in Gyrocopter. Switched to invisible chair with small sign for visible seat. Still trying to find suitable alternative for invisible carpet. Download
1.1.2: Added fcg chat command and fcgive console command to allow an admin to give a carpet to a player. This does not give them access to build their own carpet. Also fixed to prevent picking up the carpet, yielding a free chair. Download
1.1.1: Update our unimplemented hook function to use the new NightLantern call, OnNightLanternToggle(). Now, the carpet lantern will not get cycled on by NightLantern. Thanks, k1lly0u. Download
1.1.0: Add sign at 45 degree angle to front of carpet. If using SignArtist 1.1.7 or greater, this will add the owner's name to the sign by default. New config for this as well. Also did some cleanup in OnOvenToggle(); Download
1.0.9: Set OwnerID on each part when spawned. Hopefully fixes invisible parts of the carpet. Download
1.0.8: Added ability for admin to run /fcd player to remotely destroy a player's carpet. This can and should be used if the player lost theirs or died while flying, etc. Download
1.0.7: Added two new configs: "Minimum Distance for FCD: ": 10.0 - This allows you to set a minimum distance for the player to be able to destroy their carpet. "Play low fuel sound : ": true - Admin can decide whether or not to play the low fuel warning sound. Download
1.0.6: Add additional permission and config for VIP players - different carpet limit. Also added additional permission checks for trivial commands. Download
1.0.5: Permission not implemented correctly as of last update Download
1.0.4: Add "Double Fuel Consumption" configuration, defaulting to false, to double the amount of fuel consumed by the lantern. Modernize chat command setup. Download
1.0.3: Initial Import Download
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