To power the fridge you will need to locate a point around the middle of the fridge from the front.  Yes, the heater.


  • /fr -- Enable or disable spawning electric fridge by default.
    • This will reverse the setting for each player initially from the current default setting below.
    • Memory for this setting is lost on each plugin reload or server restart, etc.
    • You will be notified of current status via chat.


  2   "Settings": {
  3     "branding": "Frigidaire",
  4     "decay": false,
  5     "foodDecay": 0.98,
  6     "timespan": 600.0,
        "blockpickup": true,
        "blocklooting": false,
"defaultEnabled": true
7 }, 8 "Version": { 9 "Major": 1, 10 "Minor": 0, 11 "Patch": 4 12 }
  • branding -- Fridge name, shown only in GUI upon opening fridge
  • decay -- If true, food inside an unpowered fridge will decay over time. If false, the next two configs will be unimportant.
  • foodDecay -- Percentage of food left behind on each stack at each timespan. The default of 0.98 should decrement by 2% on each run.
  • timespan -- How often to process food items in an unpowered fridge
  • blockPickup -- If true, block picking up fridge if powered.
  • blockLooting -- If true, block looting when fridge is NOT powered.
  • defaultEnabled -- If true, spawn an electric fridge when placed by default. Each player can switch this on or off using /fr.

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