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Provides basic CCTV control, including pan/tilt



Provides basic CCTV control, including pan/tilt, and adding and removing cameras to a station.

For normal players, it will find their cameras within a range of 200m by default.

If support for Friends, Clans, or Rust Teams is enabled, it will find their friend's cameras as well.

For admins, or those with a specific permission, it will locate all cameras on the map (default 4000m). It does not add these cameras and is merely for reference.


  • /cctv - When in range (2m) of a Computer Station, will add any local cameras in range (200m) of the station that the user owns
  • /cctv clear - When in range (2m) of a Computer Station, will clear that station's list.
  • /cctv add - When in range (2m) of a Computer Station, will add cameras to the station's list.  This can be a single name or a comma-separated list:
    • /cctv add MYFANCYCAM2
  • /cctvlist - Admin command to list ALL cameras

Note that /cctv commands can also be run from F1 console while mounted to a station.

When you run cctvlist from RCON, the plugin will do it's scan from the center of the map and should (now) display the list correctly.

NOTE: When controlling camaras remotely, use the WASD keys for pan and tilt.

Players with the cctvcontrol.admin permission can also pan and tilt server static cameras.


  • cctvcontrol.use = Allows use of the /cctv command to add cameras to a computer station.
  • cctvcontrol.admin = Allows /cctv user to add all cameras, regardless of owner.
  • cctvcontrol.list = Allows admin list of ALL cameras, regardless of owner using /cctvlist.


  "userRange": 200.0,
  "adminRange": 4000.0,
  "userMapWide": false,
  "playAtCamera": true,
  "playSound": true,
  "useFriends": false,
  "useClans": false,
  "useTeams": false,
  "blockServerCams": false

If playSound is true, a noise will accompany the pan and tilt operation.

If playAtCamera is true, the sound will play at the position of the camera.  Note that while controlling a camera, the controlling player hears the local sound at the camera.  So, the difference should be that players around the camera would also hear the camera moving if set.

Note that you can set the default search range for users and admins.

You can also selectively enable support for Friends, Clans, and Rust Teams.

If you wish, you can also enable a map-wide search for users to add their cameras. This will cause the plugin to use the value for adminRange when the user is searching. They will still be limited to adding cameras they or their friends own.

If you set blockServerCams true, a user without the cctvcontrol.admin permission will not be able to add server/monument cameras in bulk.  There is currently no way to prevent them from adding them once mounted.  But, the plugin will remove them when they remount the station.

If, however, the cctvcontrol.admin permission is set, the user will be able to add all cameras, regardless of owner.

Support forum

1.0.10 (Latest): Add cctv drones command to find drone cameras Download
1.0.9: Config cleanup Download
1.0.8: Speed tweak using shift to accelerate for pan/tilt Download
1.0.7: Add pan and tilt to the cameras. Download
1.0.6: Add cctv add command to add cameras manually Download
1.0.5: Add actual code to blockServerCams Download
1.0.4: Add serverBlockCams config Download
1.0.3: Add some additional null checks. Change rcon range to mapSize. Download
1.0.2: Add check for player not found when adding cameras in bulk with admin permissions Download
1.0.1: Fix for use from RCON (cctvlist). Re-purposed admin permission for use with cctv cmd. list permission now works for cctvlist. Added clear command. Update README. Download
1.0.0: Initial import Download
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