Airwolf Vendor Fix

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Respawns missing Airwolf vehicle vendor


Respawns missing Airwolf vehicle vendor, which can turn up missing for some reason.

An admin-level player simply goes to the desired location and types /vsp.

NOTE: These vendors are designed to work in conjunction with known and perhaps fixed spawn locations in the game ONLY.


  •   /vsp - Spawn an Airwolf mini vendor.
  •   /bsp - Spawn a boat vendor.


  "Options": {
    "autoPlaceVendors": false,
    "alwaysPlaceVendors": false,
    "placeMiniVendor": true
  "Version": {
    "Major": 1,
    "Minor": 0,
    "Patch": 3

If "autoPlaceVendors" is true, then the Airwolf vendor will be re-created on plugin load.  However, if "alwaysPlaceVendors" is false, it will only be placed if the vendor is not already there.  If that variable is true, it will be killed and re-created each time.

If "placeMiniVendor" is false, none of the re-create automation will happen.  This is there as a remnant and for future placement of fishing village boat vendors, which currently consist of at least 3 different known layouts.

Support forum

1.0.3 (Latest): Allow auto-placement of Bandit Airwolf vendor on plugin load. Fishing villages are each different and will be hard to automate. Download
1.0.2: Fix/add boatvendor command /bsp Download
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